Nourishing from the Heart LLC

Founded by Maria Tosco

My name is Marilena but most call me Maria. I am the founder of NFTH, NFTH was established in 2020. I was blessed enough to be raised by the most incredible Immigrant Italian parent. So, I am first generation here in American. My childhood was full of love, family, and lots of amazing food. We lived with my grandparents for a good while and I remember my grandmom had a natural remedy for everything.

What brought me to this journey was when I was faced with some health challenges at the young age of 32. My kids were still very young at the time. It all started with a lump in my breast. I had it removed along with several large fibroids from my ovaries. Thankful all was benign. But the fear of the unknown was just crippling. A short time after I suffered from several herniated and disks in my back the pain was for a good part of a year and a half. My daughter’s face when she would look at me to pick her up and I could not because of my pain, will never leave my heart. From Dr to Dr all I was getting was medicine after medicine. Injections from my back and suggestions to do a full hysterectomy at the early age of 33 to prevent more fibroids from growing back. I was beside myself. So, I thought to myself, what has changed so drastically in my life to go from young vibrate healthy girl to falling apart. MY LIFESTYLE.

I had moved out years’ priority, got married and started having kids. With in the mist of all of this, I lost sight of my old school culture and true pure Italian lifestyle, were we used all natural ingredients, remedies, and lots of togetherness. I was living the traditional American lifestyle and diet. I knew I had to get a grip and heal myself. I needed to be there for my kids, not just be there but be the best version of myself. I started spending hours and hours every day and night before my kids woke up and after they went to bed researching what caused all my conditions. It all came down to toxins overload and inflammation in my body. So, I acted.

Little by little I started removing all inflammatory food from my diet. I cleaned up all the toxic chemicals around me and my home, beauty products and food. Took me a lot of time, trial and error and research to find the perfect formula that fit for me. During all of this, my son started experiencing some stomach issues. Back-and-forth to the doctors once again, their solution was a pill, a pill that he may have to take for a long while. Some say everything happens for a reason, I believe my journey put a fire in me to find a better solution for him. That’s when I decided I needed more, so I started studying at Hippocrates Health Institute. From there because a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach, A mentor for them and then got a diploma from Noble Manhattan Life Coaching.

I was on a mission. I was on a mission to see why our culture here in America is so sick. We deserve better. I can say thankful after I transformed my whole lifestyle, I am clear from any more tumors, and back pain free. I heal myself and my son through food and a clean lifestyle. And I continue to do so day to day with lifestyle. So here I am. I want to share all my years of knowledge with you and help you heal yourself. The secret is quite simple. But when you get your Body, Mind and Soul aligned with a beautiful clean lifestyle you will not only rid of any aliments you may be challenged with but will look and feel your best, you will be happier.

We all deserve nothing but the best for ourselves and our loved one.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

– Sophia Loren